Captain Christopher Hearn

Director, Centre for Marine Simulation, Marine Institute of Memorial University

Member of the Nautical Institute (MNI) and current President of the Master Mariners of Canada, Captain Christopher Hearn began his career after graduating from the Marine Institute’s Nautical Science Program. He quickly moved his way through the marine ranks and certification to Master Mariner and obtained command of several types of vessels in the deep sea and subsea sectors as well as operations in the Arctic.

First coming ashore as a Marine Superintendent of operations with companies engaged in subsea cable laying and repair, seismic work, and general cargo operations, he was involved with resolving issues dealing with Flag state and Class and identifying training methods for improving competency among crews.

Captain Hearn returned to the Marine Institute in 2008 as the Director of the Centre for Marine Simulation. The Centre is the largest and most comprehensive marine simulation facility in North America and covers an entire range of training, industrial assistance, and research and development capabilities through the use of simulation technology. CMS’s particular areas of expertise include the modeling and simulation of harsh maritime environments including navigation in ice, simulation of offshore oil and gas operations, and port design evaluation and operational risk analysis.


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