David E Atkinson

David E Atkinson, University of Victoria

David is Full Professor and Graduate Program Director in the Department of Geography at University of Victoria. His primary research interests are high-latitude and high-altitude weather and it impacts operations. Specific focus is directed towards coastal regions and in the marine environment, using an array of techniques including computer model analysis, interviews with captains and hunters, and field instrument deployments. He has worked as an expert witness in a lawsuit on behalf of a US arctic marine shipping operator. His region of specialization is the Arctic; his first northern field season was in a tent for 3 months on Ellesmere Island in 1990 for his Master’s thesis work.

David came to the Department of Geography at University of Victoria in 2010 after working for 6 years as a research scientist and professor at the International Arctic Research Center/Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (2004-2010).

Before that he held Post-Doctoral researcher positions at Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Dartmouth NS, focusing on environmental forcing of arctic coastal regions (2002-2004), and the University of Ottawa, focusing on high-arctic data issues and computer methods for hemispheric paleo-climate reconstruction (2000-2002).

His PhD (University of Ottawa, 2000) focused on high-arctic climate issues that included data rescue work (Polar Continental Shelf Project database), statistical analyses, and the development of a distributed surface air temperature prediction model.


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