James Bond

Based in Houston, Texas, James is a Senior Technical Advisor in the American Bureau of Shipping ’s Global Engineering and Technology group. James has worked in the marine an d offshore industries for 30 + years , primarily in the field s of structural design and analysis . Involvement in Polar shipping and Arctic offshore exploration, despite its ups and downs, has been a theme throughout his career. He has spent time on ships in ice in the Canadian Beaufort Sea a nd the Gulf of St Lawrence. James represented IACS at the IMO on Polar Code, is a member of the IACS project team working on updates to the Polar Ship structures rules , is Chair of the IACS Expert Group for Polar Code . Further, James has the pleasure of overseeing and setting priorities for the work at ABS’ Harsh Environment Technology Center in partnership with Memorial University of Newfoundland in St John’s , Canada.

James has a Master of Engineering degree from Carleton University (Ottawa) and a Bachel or of Applied Science in Engineering from the University of Waterloo. H e is a register Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario and a member of the S ociety of N aval Architects and Marine Engineers


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