Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher currently serves as a vice president at Foss Maritime and is focused on solving marine transportation and logistical challenges, locally and in some the harshest environments in the world.

During his thirty five years within the maritime industry, Paul has been involved in all aspects of vessel operations and commercial contracting. While working afloat, he sailed as a licensed officer in the deck department on container vessels, tank vessels, drill ships, offshore supply vessels and offshore towing vessels. His shoreside assignments include P/L management of regional businesses including tanker escort, ship assist, regional towing, line handling and heavy lift cargo transportation projects for upstream oil, gas & mineral extraction clients.

Paul grew up in Maine as the son of fisherman and attended Maine Maritime Academy where he earned a BS in Nautical Science. He continued on to complete a MBA program at Seattle University. Paul currently resides in Seattle with his wife Wendy and three children Griffin, Maeve and Lily.

Foss Maritime Company was founded in 1889 and provides a wide range of marine services including marine support for complex construction projects in international waters as well as in harbors throughout North America. With a diverse and flexible fleet of tugs, barges and special purpose craft—an exceptional project management and marine engineering staff - Foss helps customers handle the complicated logistics required for major construction projects. Foss also has an in house marine engineering division called the Harbor Marine Group which is comprised of naval architects, project management and global logistics specialists who focus on the analyzing and finding solutions for large-scale transportation projects. Foss’ experienced and specialized professionals bring together safety, regulatory compliance, project management, marine engineering, naval architecture and design, and expertise in rigging and fabrication.


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